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Insipired by the beautiful game

eterno is a love song.

An auroral ode to those familiar joys of football.
It is your story. It is our story.
A story of the culture that has nurtured us and transformed the manner in which we dream great; in which we aspire to be even more beautiful than that.
It is the memories we have and will hold dear for now and countless decades to come.
The class of Maldini.
The grace of Zidane.
That Maradona goal.
Those Cruyff turns.
The Brasil flair.
The German strength.
Weah and van Basten in Milan.
Best and Beckham in Manchester.
Chastain's triumphant exultation.
The Milla dance.
That Bebeto rock.
The wholehearted and unshakable ecstasy of triumph.
A feeling we will all share, for eternity.

To the billions of us united by the game -- welcome to our league.

Join the #leagueofbillions and start listening.