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Racism In ⚽️

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Racism In ⚽️

Tune into our 7-minute special episode on the dark side of the beautiful game.

What makes #soccer #football #calcio our planet’s most beautiful sport is that we all have a shared definition of skill.

The color of your hair, eyes or skin has never mattered.

The only things that have ever mattered are grit, individual creativity and the sacrifices we make for our brothers and sisters on and off the pitch.

Our goal @eternohq is to celebrate and shine a light on individuals, teams and organizations that stay true to our common and universal language of craftsmanship, respect and love.

As such, we will ALWAYS stand for justice and fight against hate.

So, to our brother @moise_kean: we in the #leagueofbillions stand with you ✊🏽

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