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Diego = D10S (1 of 2)

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Diego = D10S (1 of 2)

In football there are legends — heroes who transcend the sport and live forever in the hearts of supporters worldwide. And then there are gods.

Gods fly in rarefied air and singlehandedly change and shape the game. They are untouchable. A once in a lifetime presence and talent that alter how we comprehend what truly is possible. And it is this latter classification which finds us nestled within the aura of @maradona.

In the first part of our D10S series, we cover Maradona as he embarks upon an unfathomably flawless journey to the World Cup 1986 crown. This was Maradona’s prime where he sat on top of the footballing world and weaved a tale of magic. A tale we are still gushing over and one that will he gushed over for generations to come.

In 1986, Diego Armando Maradona went from a maestro on the ball to a deity of the masses.

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